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Ask Eater: Tipping at Momofuku Ko

Have a restaurant or nightlife question that you'd like the Eater readership to tackle? Send it in to and it may just get the "Ask Eater" treatment.

2008_03_kogoodnews2.jpgThe latest Ask Eater question is in regards to, what else, Momo' Ko: "Has anyone written about tipping at ko? How does one tip when there are no servers?" Good question. When you add your tip at the end of your meal, does all of it go to the waitresses who pour your wine and clear your plates, does part of it go to the restaurant, or does the staff divvy it up? Furthermore should you tip as much as you normally would given the circumstances? We put it to you. How would you tip at Momo' Ko? Put your answers in the comments or email the tipline.
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Momofuku Ko

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