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Delivery Wars: Lomito vs. Estancia

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Welcome to Delivery Wars, a new feature on Eater where we pit one restaurant's delivery service against another's to see who is the best in the city. Restaurants will be scored on the ordering experience, delivery time, the presentation, and the correctness of the order. Want to play Delivery Wars at your office? Take notes, and let us know how it goes.

Lomito vs. Estancia
The Lomito/Estancia story is an epic one. It's documented in full here, but just know the owners of the restaurants were once married and now operate competing businesses about five blocks from one another. Here is their delivery war.

Order Time: 12:20
Type of Order: Phone call
Ordering experience: Menu is online. When we called we were put on hold twice, and the woman taking order was distracted but got it right in the end.
Total Delivery Time: 25 Minutes
Distance to office: .1 miles
Presentation: Everything was arranged neatly in the bag. The containers were cheap but did the job.
Correctness of order: We made a few special orders (wheat instead of white, salad instead of fries) and all came out right. Fries, soup, and hot sandwiches were hot.
Rating: They got a 7 for ordering experience, 8 for speed, 7 for presentation, and 10 for correctness of order.

Order Time: 12:15
Type of Order: Phone call
Ordering experience: The menus on Seamless Web and Menupages are inaccurate. The phone call was in short, confusing.
Total Delivery Time: 42 Minutes
Distance to office: .4 miles
Presentation: The delivery boy was wearing some sort of Lomito Hat (+1 point). The containers were the reusable hard plastic kind (+2 points). In addition to the meal we received foccacia bread with olive oil (+1 point)
Correctness of Order: Order was correct, but we only ordered one item.
Rating: They got a 5 for ordering experience, 6 for speed, a 9.5 for presentation, and a 10 for correctness of order.

Final Assessment:
Estancia won for speed and deftness with a complicated and large order. They also win for value as they have both moderate and expensive sandwiches.

Lomito wins points for presentation, though the order took a little longer than we think it should have. They also aren't an office favorite as their online menus are inaccurate and their price point ($18 for most sandwiches) is too high for most.

Winner: Estancia for speed, ability to handle large orders, and convenience of online menu.

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