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Origine: FR.OG's new Downstairs Lounge

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We learned from DBTH this morning that NYC club promoter Zev Norotsky is opening a lounge on the lower level of the Deathwatched Spring Street restaurant FR.OG to be called Origine. We have to say we saw this one coming. Anyone who's been to FR.OG knows the downstairs area takes up the bulk of the space, so this is a major downsize for the business. And curiously enough, they just named a new chef to produce a menu for the small upstairs portion that's left. As for Zev, he's planning on a 'semi-exlusive' setup with a doorman from one of his other clubs, Dune. Here he is with the details:

"We are undergoing renovations now, it's a beautiful space and just needed some cosmetic changes to add to the existing ambiance and make more suitable for nightlife. I ordered new tables to accommodate for bottle service and am changing the color scheme to make the room feel more intimate...We are looking at an early May soft opening...i feel like we are really tapping into a re-emerging soho restaurant and nightlife scene with places like upstairs, martignettis, la esquina and submercer bringing a lot of great people to the neighborhood...the lounge wil be semi - exclusive because of its size, renovations are ongoing and we will not be closed for business during the process."
He's right about a resurgence in that Soho nightlife scene, but we have to say the choice of FR.OG is a tad curious. Tune in for the soft opening in a couple weeks.
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