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Eater Match Game: Link the Nutty Reviews to the New Restaurants

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For a little Wednesday fun we present Eater Match Game. Match the correct wacky comment from all the usual sources—Yelp, Menupages, Citysearch, blog comment sections—with the correct new restaurant. The prize? You get to be slightly less productive at work for 5 minutes.
Today's Restaurants: A: Totally Baked, B: Ippudo, C: Antik, D: Artichoke, E: City Burger, and F: Broadway East.

And your reviews:
1) "The wait was agonizing. The service was less than personal. The fries were milquetoast."

2) "This place sucks, definitely not hipster or cool. The people are whack, service is horrible, and models?? Who are they kidding? Obviously they are writing their own good comments on here."

3) "...for me it's sort of a one-note wonder. I'll be back to try the two other...types...I would have liked to have had at least some options for toppings...just wish I had the option of adding some additional flavor in there. One's mileage, obviously, varies. Some like their burgers plain, others like toppings, right? :-)"

4) "I enjoyed myself there a couple weeks ago, the food was great, lovely atmosphere, but their 'popular'...sake cocktail almost made me throw up. Keep in mind its all Long Island and upstate wines."

5) "Another example of a fad restaurant that will have some nutty success. I'm honestly not too sure how long this place will last. I came here 5 minutes into the Grand Opening of the establishment with some fellow foodie co-workers and was pleasantly greeted and directed to the lengthy line...I also hope they improve and streamline their order process as it was a bit slow."

6) "...Regarding service and first impressions of the kitchen, these boys need to get organized! They're not able to efficiently handle the ten or so people who were in the restaurant while i was there. Too many cooks in the kitchen, everybody bumping into one another, no clear division of responsibility OR The place is kind of messy, random wooden boards, with big hunks of cheese and rolls of bread sitting out, basil peeking out of a wooden crate, a tomato can propping up a window."

1: E; 2: C; 3: B; 4: F; 5: A; 6: D.


1403 2nd Street, , CA 90401 (310) 893-0577 Visit Website

Artichoke Pizza

328 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003