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The Plywood Report: De Novo, Uva 99, Il Porto & More!

1) Lower East Side: Per the shot above, a new smallish spot is opening next to Freeman's Sporting Goods on Rivington. White tiling along the back wall, big open windows to the street, a grouping of small tables. Looks like a casual cafe. [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper West Side: A tipster writes in about a new wine bar/restaurant opening on 99th and Broadway: "Called 'UVA 99,' on b'way bet 99th and 100th...I spoke with the owners who were there overseeing the work, who say they intend to open this Friday evening. The food will be Italian and French with about 5 main courses, a larger variety of small plates including terrines and patés supposedly made on site, and desserts...there is a long bar at the front with tables along the facing wall, and a larger dining area in the back." [PLYWOOD]

3) East Village: Imbible has the news on another new place going in on the northern end of Avenue B, De Nova: "The space, formerly home to the Furniture larger than it looks, but it's unclear whether De Nova will be a coffee shop-style cafe posing as a restaurant that serves three squares a day, or whether it'll be more like a real restaurant with a coffee bar. I suspect they don't have a liquor license and won't be able to get one." [PLYWOOD]

4) Meatpacking District: According to a special correspondent, there's some new activity at 50 Gansevoort, the old PM space. Workers nearby say it's going to be another club. No surprises there. [PLYWOOD]

5) West Village: In the WVill we have a shot of a restaurant whose awnings say Cafe Ari. The paper in the window says KAO inc. From a correspondent: "That's the triangle where Greenwich Ave hits 6th Ave. just south of the library. There's a plant place on the corner. Go Sushi is right there too. I think this place was once a Ferrara's pastry shop too." [PLYWOOD]

6) Park Slope: The Brooklyn Paper reports some rumblings over at the shuttered Cafe Eleven: "Café Eleven, the Seventh Avenue coffee bar that closed three weeks ago after barely a year in existence, will reopen as a wine bar run by the owner of Big Nose Full Body. Aaron Hans, owner of the wine store, which sits across Seventh Avenue from the failed coffee shop, said he was 'not ready' to talk about the deal." [PLYWOOD]

7) Wallabout: Brownstoner reports on the imminent opening of Wallabout restaurant Il Porto: "Il Porto, which promises to be an oasis in the culinary desert that is Wallabout, is moving steadily toward it May launch. When we passed by this week, contractors were hard at work installing the two storefront window areas at 37 Washington Avenue. Contrary to what we wrote first time around, the brick oven pizza restaurant will not be run by the same folks who ran the Brooklyn's Best Pizza in this location in recent years. It's a new crew." [PLYWOOD]