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The Shutter: Cafe L'Angolo, and a week in Review

This was a big week in shutters. So for this edition of the Shutter we're going to report on one new closure and recap the sad events of the week:

2008_04_barfryshuttered.jpg1) Greenwich Village: A tipster writes in on the shuttering of Cafe L'Angolo in the Village: "Sad to report that long-time Italian cafe L'Angolo on the NW corner of Houston & Thompson Streets has been closed for a week (or more). Looks pretty permanent - even the name has been cut out of the awning." [Shutter Inbox]

2) West Village: One of the biggest shutters of the week was BarFry, Josh DeChellis' Deathwatched tempura bar. We're expecting he will be turning the space and/or the space next door into his new project The Windsor soon. [The Shutter]

3) East Village: Cantina, the doomed Avenue B tapas joint finally shuttered this week and is completely gutted. The location, the team, and a lack of a liquor license seem the big culprits. [The Shutter]

4) Greenwich Village: Over the weekend, we got reports that jerk chicken joint and favorite NYU lunch spot Jamaican Flavors had closed on Sullivan and West 3rd. [The Shutter]