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DOB, DOH, SLA Chronicles

When we heard two weeks ago that Bedford Ave. record shop Sound Fix's bar and performance space was closed by the DOH, we thought it was a typical DOH'ing. Now we learn from Brownstoner that there's more to the story. It involves the DOH, the DOB, the SLA, and an aggravated neighbor who just so happens to work for an Assemblyman: "Bradley tried to renew the license, the DOH has't let...Bradley says the establishment's liquor license has been in limbo for nine months, and 'one official said the agency was under pressure 'from Albany' to put us through the ringer...about a week ago, the DOB affixed a note to Sound Fix's door saying the record store and lounge were both in violation of zoning laws...Police officers have served about five summonses on the lounge." [Brownstoner; previously]