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Peter Meehan Ankles NY Times $25 and Under Post

Neither Peter Meehan (pictured-ish, right) nor Pete Wells, his boss at the New York Times, would immediately confirm, but we're hearing very reliable intel suggesting that Meehan has resigned his post at the paper of record, where he's been writing $25 and Under since September 2004. The paper recently cut Meehan's column from weekly to bi-weekly, alternating it with their new Dining Briefs, that a column very similar to the Diner's Journal, which had run in print on Fridays until early 2006, when the Bruniblog replaced it. No word on the time line of the exit or who'll replace Meehan, or if, even, this departure would mark the end of the column (for our part, we'll say that we hope it doesn't).

Meehan got his start at the Times thanks to a recommendation from Mark Bittman, for whom he'd been a research assistant. And as for what's next, dude is knee deep in the Dave Chang universe right now. The two have a book coming out, tentatively titled, "Momofuku," in Fall 2009, published by Random House via its Clarkson Potter imprint.

Word is out to all interested parties for comment. [EaterWire]

UPDATE: Wells will not be taking Meehan's depature as an opportunity to ax the 'Under' column. Says Wells: "We're just starting to look around but yes, the column will continue. I love cheap food and I always will."