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DOH Chronicles: Mei Lai Wah Shuttered

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A tipster sends in the above pic and the following note about Chinatown breakfast staple Mei Lai Wah: "I live 50 feet from mei lai wah. tonight i was walking my dog and saw the most horrible sight one can behold. yes, mei lai wah's windows were decorated not with delectable sesame rice balls, but two of those fluorescent DOH stickers, dated April mother is addicted to those rice balls. what am i to tell her on mother's day when she's expecting a FedEx package of 'em in Chicago?...damn the DOH, damn them to hell!" A Yelp thread posted two days ago echoes the sentiment, and posters worry that this might be the end for Mei Lai Wah. NB: The restaurant was recently listed as having one of the best breakfasts in America by Details magazine, however a major part of the charm was the dinginess (and the char siu bao).
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