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An End to the Saga: 360 Officially Doneski

Red Hook: In what many considered a foregone conclusion, Red Hook's 360 is officially closed for good and never coming back. No, this is not a complete surprise, but Red Hook locals have been dreading this final nail in the coffin for a better part of a year. For those new to the saga, a primer: 360 is the restaurant that put Red Hook on the dining map back when it opened in 2004. Early last year it suddenly closed without any warning or explanation. Owner Arnaud Eckhard was said to be on a short vacation, but it was revealed in November that he had finally cracked, was burnt out by the restaurant biz, and now spent most of his time scuba diving in tropical locales. In January the most recent chef Rick Jakobson quit, followed by the February departure of the sommelier. And now, finally, a 'For Rent' sign in the window confirms the end to the ordeal. No word as to what finally made Eckhard give up the ghost.
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