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Deathwatch: Maremma on the Market

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We get news from a very trusted tipster today that Maremma is on the market and that at least one restaurateur has taken a look at the space. The Kamali won't give us the official confirm, but he does have this new interesting listing:

WEST VILLAGE Vicinity Restaurant & Bar
West 10th Street (off Bleecker Street)
Rent: $15,000 per month
Escalations: 3% per annum
Size: 1,800 SF Ground Floor, 1,800 SF Mezzanine, 1,800 SF Basement
7 years, plus 5 year Option
Fixture Fee: $750,000
Comments: Full Service Kitchen, Full Liquor License
Occupancy: 172 Persons
Now if you look at the address and the specs, it all seems to add up. Stay tuned from an official confirm from either the Cesare camp or Mr. Steven Kamali. And restaurateurs looking for a bi-level West Village know who to call.
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· Deathwatch: Maremma [~E~]