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Rumors Confirmed: Maremma On the Market, Moving to Midtown

Cesare Casella and his inhouse PR call to confirm that the Maremma space is indeed on the market. But don't worry all you loyal West Village Cesare fans. You'll still be able to get his Tuscan cooking...up in Midtown. Team Maremma is "very close to closing" on a new 175 seat space in an undisclosed corner of Midtown that will be the new home for Maremma if they find a buyer for 10th St. Cesare says he's making the move because the space is bigger, it has more visibility, and it will attract more lunch crowds. That said, if there are no takers on the space, Maremma on West 10th will not close. It will remain open and they will name the new space something completely different or "Maremma Midtown". Both Cesare and his rep are quick to mention that business is booming and they have a loyal following, but are the locals loyal enough to take on Midtown?
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