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Hangover Observations: City Harvest's Practical Magical Ball

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Last night City Harvest hosted its 14th Annual Practical Magic Ball, and we watched top chefs Eric Ripert, Terrance Brennan, and Michael Psilakis collide with celebs including Michael Imperioli and Emmy Rossum on the red carpet. The event, which included a dinner and silent auction at the gussied up Cipriani on 42nd, was expected to raise over $1 million for the charity. Following the lead of our reporting compatriots from OK, Life & Style, People, and Extra, we didn't get to catch the dinner but got plenty of juicy tidbits from the press scrum:

1) Michael Psilakis is an on-time guy—he was the first of the big name chefs to arrive. He said he's hoping to open the new Kefi in August, and that they're still working on a concept for the old Kefi space. The idea right now? Healthy food.

2) In addition to opening another Artisinal in Chicago, Terrance Brennan is looking for more space in Manhattan to open a Mediterranean and/or tapas joint, preferably downtown.

3) Even Eric Ripert gets star struck—he was more than happy to meet Emmy Rossum, taking her card and inviting her to dine at Le Bernardin. Rossum gushed over Ripert as well; she just loves Top Chef and even considered a cooking career but gave up after three weeks at Le Cordon Bleu.

4) Donatella Arpaia can work a dress—girl looked good.

5) Katie Lee Joel has a tip: to make it through a multi-party evening, never pick up a drink. Also, she's yet to visit any of David Chang's Momofuku outposts, and she can't wait to visit the Slanted Door and Tartine when she hits San Francisco on her upcoming book tour.
6) Quote of the night goes to Eric Ripert—sure, he's facing higher food prices just like every other chef, but he's not "replacing mushrooms for truffles, salmon eggs for caviar."

7) Cipriani knows how to throw a party—men lined up with hangers at the door for coat check, multiple bars, an overwhelming number of waiters circulating with bellinis.

8) PR flaks really wanted reporters to ask stars questions about City Harvest, but gossip mag reporters just prodded about stars' boyfriends, eating habits, and new movies.
Erin Sikorsky
· Practical Magical Ball [City Harvest]