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Adventures in Shilling #24: Olana, Border Burrito, 'wichcraft, Totally Baked

It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we fight shilling the best way we can, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to

2008_04_borderburrito1.jpgThis week, most of the shills are coming from the comments section of this very website. We respect the gumption but unfortunately we have to expose you guys. Ahead attempts from some unlikely sources and repeat offenders:

A reader tipped us off to some shilling on the Olana Menupages page. We're not so sure. Let's take a look: "I just ate at Olana last night and was stunned at how put together this brand new restaurant is, from service to decor to food, for only being open 3-4 weeks now. I found the Managers or owners, waitstaff incredible accomodating and knowledgable. The decor, unlike what I read in another review on this page, makes complete sense. It is beautiful, warm, visually stunning and gave us a good sense of hudson region landscapes, chairs were very comfortable, with the lighting soft and luxurious...started out with a great sparkling rose from Italy to complement our beet mach salad and mint taconi pasta (had lamb in it). Wow, incredible flavor and so much in balance!"
Shill Probability: 42%

This comment came in response to an earlier Eater post about the Curious Case of Border Burrito: "I lived on Rocket Wrapps as an undergrad at NYU so when I read this blurb I had to go check it out and see if the burritos were not as good as before. Well for starters, the food is light years better and the new look is alot more inviting with big ass comfortable booths, good tunes and the same killer smoothies as always. Cool myspace page, live music will definitely be a winner, just checked out the performers, Emily Zuzik, John Kessel and Rorie Kelly are awesome. Guess the writer has a grudge, oh well, go check it out for yourselves."
Shill Probability: 57%

Here we have a comment from someone who just really really loves 'wichcraft on East 8th St.: "All I have to say is 'wichcraft has ranked consistently (since opening on my block in '06) no. 1 in my book. I have tried everything on my block and NOTHING even compares. The freshness of their products and love/thoughtfulness they put into their food I feel as if I cooked it myself. My favorites include the NEW marinated eggplant! which after wondering why it was in blue at the store found out that FRESH AIR FUND kids created the sandwich as part of an internship program - not only good for you but good for our community. Other great sandwiches include the tuna and roasted turkey - yum! and if you haven't tried their ice cream and ice cream sandwiches you are truly missing out on heaven!"
Shill Probability: 76%

Hate to put Totally Baked back on the Adventures in Shilling, but it's just so hard to resist. Check out the comment left late last week: "Like most of you, I eat baked potatoes all the time, and Totally Baked makes the BEST potatoes I've ever eaten. You have to try their TKPOTATO, it's the "bomb!" I hear Rachel Ray herself loves TOTALLY BAKED — I smell a James Beard award! I'm just happy that TKCHEFNAME chose to bring his genius to New York City!!!1! And TKARCHITECT really created one of the coolest restaurants in the city! Only ivy-tower liberals could find something to dislike here."
Shill Probability: 89%

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