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Plywood Report: Sakuza, B. Cafe, Pies & Thighs, and More!

1) Williamsburg: A Williamsburg correspondent grabbed an interior shot of the new Pies & Thighs space. He said the interior is a lot bigger than it appears in the shot. We'll all get a chance to see it come summertime. [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper West Side: A restaurant rep emails and a correspondent sends in a shot of the new UWS restaurant Campo: "The old Pertutti has been bought, gutted and is opening this week as Campo 'The Gathering Place'. Headed up by new owner, Michael Wetherbee, former frontman for Chef Sammy DeMarco at Fireside. And helming the kitchen is Chef David Rotter, former protege of Chef Terrance Brennan (Picholine) and the late Chef Vinny Scotto (Gonzo). Grilled Pizzas galore." Opens Thursday. [PLYWOOD]

3) Williamsburg: The space on Metropolitan and Graham Avenue that once held Japanese restaurant Nori, and then had a car driven through the front window last November, is going to reopen as Sakuza. It will be one of the few sushi joints in that part of Williamsburg. [PLYWOOD]

4) Upper West Side: A tipster reports on the new UWS restaurant B. Cafe: "I walked down Amsterdam between 88th and 87th streets on Saturday and noticed that a place called b. cafe was going up next to Mermaid Inn. Construction workers were busy inside, which was not so big and looked pretty nice- fancy light fixtures and warm tones and all that." [PLYWOOD]

5) West Village: And we have a new shot of the upcoming Corrado Cafe opening on Christopher St. No word yet as to if it's connected to the UES pastry shop and cafe of the same name. [PLYWOOD]