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Eater Inside: I Sodi

Krieger, 3/28/08

Here we have I Sodi, the month-old West Village spot on Christopher owned by former Calvin Klein Jeans exec Rita Sodi. Ms. Sodi is a native Italian and her chef, Michael Genardini, used to cook at L'Impero and Alto. What results from their partnership is a simple neighborhood spot serving up some straightforward but well executed Italian dishes. The look here, created by Sodi's business partner, is sleek but inviting with handmade leather banquets and hand picked accents.

As for the early word, the opening was covered by all the usual suspects, but there haven't been many follow up reports. NYC Nosh stopped by and gave it a rave, and from what we hear the neighborhood folks are big fans. Yet, so far it hasn't become a destination restaurant like some of its competitors in the West Village. Further reading here and here.

I Sodi

314 Bleecker Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 414-5774 Visit Website