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The Attempted Drying of NYC

Brownstoner has been following the saga of Oyster Bar, a new Carroll Gardens space from Jim Mamary (of Pomme de Terre, Patois) that just got controversial community approval for a liquor license. It's completely legal for a bar to serve liquor in its location on Hoyt and Union, but the neighbors are pretty bitter about the decision: "Pardon Me For Asking has penned a couple of withering posts on the topic, writing, 'As far as I am concerned, C.B.6 just signaled to all restaurateurs that this district is a free for all and that residential streets are as good as any to open bars,' and also including commentary from former CB6 member Barbara Brookhart about the decision. Brookhart said 'it appears that the Board gave more weight to a few residents that approved having the restaurant and bar, than the block association's petition of about 300 names against the approval.'" [Brownstoner]