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Eater Inside: Bar Milano

Krieger, 4/10/08

Here we have Jason and Joe Denton's long awaiting Grammury restaurant Bar Milano, which opened at 7am this morning. Hoping to do to 24th and 3rd Ave what they did to the LES and the West Village with 'inoteca and 'ino and Greenwich Village with Lupa, the Dentons set out to make it a higher end 'neighborhood spot' and placed a heavy focus on the design details. According to a report from a private party there last week, the brothers hand picked those marble slabs you see on the walls during a trip to Italy's Emilia Romagna.

As for the menu, the focus for the cuisine and the wine list is Northern Italian with some modern flair (specialty cocktails). The co-chefs Steve Connaughton of Lupa and Eric Kleinman, chef and partner at ’inoteca, will be serving up more "refined" and mostly likely pricier fare than what they created at their former restaurants while an on site pastry chef makes all the bread, bread crumbs, and a line of inventive desserts. The Times, NYMag, and all the usual email newsletters have announced the arrival, and Lupa/'inoteca fans are already planning their visits, so expect the place to attract the early crowds. Further reading here, and the breakfast and dinner menus from Thrillist here and here.