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Restaurant Concepts Gone Wild: Action Burger

Owned by an alum from the now shuttered Lucky Burger and a former bartender at the East Village's Cherry Tavern, Action Burger opened up to little fanfare on Williamsburg's Grand St just last week. For now we'll leave the burger judging up to the experts. But let's take a look at this little lady, shall we? Designed with a comic book theme in mind, the walls are painted bright yellow, the doors bright red. Superhero posters and collectors cards line the walls and surround a TV screen playing the Cartoon Network. The entire left wall is dominated by a case of action figures, "just a small portion" of the owners' full collections. The backyard is being cemented over to resemble a city street from a comic book. You get the idea. Having a cohesive restaurant design: a good thing. What we have here: we'll call it curious at best.
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