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Pizza 101

2008_04_pizza101.jpgThere's a bit too much pizza porn for our tastes here, but Metromix's piece on learning how to make pie from experts at Lucali, Otto, and the ICE is an interesting read for any pizza geek. Plus it has some great oven shots and a peek at Otto's charcuterie room: "when Chef Dan led me to Otto’s basement and opened the door to the hallowed curing room, I felt like a kid in a candy store. If they could bottle the deep, porcine smell emanating from the aging swine, I’d use it as bubble bath. The racks of hanging salami in all its forms and the curing hindquarters really emphasized the difference between a slice of Famous Ray’s and an authentic, honest-to-God Italian pizza." [Metromix]


575 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 858-4086 Visit Website

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

1 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website