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Plywood Report Addendum: Manna Cafe, Desy's Clam Bar, Yogurtland, and More!

There was so much plywood this week, we couldn't fit it all in one report. Here is a handful of more soon-to-open spots:

1) Williamsburg: A Brooklyn correspondent takes the above shot and writes in about a space on Berry between North 7th and 8th: "The old Brooklyn Dugout is totally going to be something. I've been watching the progress and this is looking really promising. What's up with the center of the tables? More table top BBQ Korean?" [PLYWOOD]

2) West Village: Yogurtland on Bleecker looks ready to open any minute. Maybe it will compete with the Grom opening tomorrow.

3) Chelsea: And we have a shot of the progress at the space that was most recently Medina at 315 10th Ave: "This was Medina on 10th ave...It's funny to see how the online customer reviews of Medina slowly get worse and worse. I couldn't figure out quite when it finally closed." [PLYWOOD]

4) Soho: An update on soon-to-come Soho mac 'n' cheese bar and delicatessen in the space of Buffa'a: "Some of the ply came down today at Lafayette and Prince, and while the inside is far from done they are testing cafeteria-esqe garage doors that roll up into the ceiling hidden. They better get it open for the summer..." [PLYWOOD]

5) Williamsburg: The plywood alum Manna Cafe is getting closer by the day. The 24 hour falafel joint on the corner of Grand and Lorimer still has paper up, but this shot taken through an open door last night reveals they're making some headway with the construction. [PLYWOOD]

6) Williamsburg: Two doors down from Manna Cafe, we have Desy's Clam Bar, an establishment that's been plywooded for months. The wood is finally down, paper haphazardly up. We can pretty much guarantee they'll be ready for any summertime clam crowds. [PLYWOOD]

7) Lower East Side: And we get this mysterious tip and photo from a reader that puts it simply: "Noodle Bar LES opening soon." According to the sign it's opening tomorrow.