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EaterWire: Customers Slighted for Beyonce & Jay-Z, Panificio Open in Doomed Uovo Space

CARROLL GARDENS— Back on Tuesday we all learned Beyonce and Jaz-Z had made a visit to pizza haven Lucali. Today a blogger who was kicked out for the stars emails Cutty with a complaint: "I was actually sitting at the table [Iacono] gave to Beyonce and Jay-Z. His whole bit about how he didn't know they were coming was extremely annoying, because actually he kicked us out so they could have our table, right next to him. It was actually the rudest thing that's ever happened to me in a restaurant in New York. He asked us to eat as fast as possible and leave..." [Cutlets]

EAST VILLAGE— Plywood alum Panificio has finally opened in the doomed Uovo space, according to Imbible. Don't get too excited—they're still waiting on their liquor license: "Earlier this week I spoke with the manager, Ayo Balogun, who explained that part of the concept behind Panificio is to cater to neighborhood locals in particular, with specialty coffees offered at a reduced price if you leave nearby...So...what about the matter of that elusive liquor license, which Uovo was unable to procure (eventually forcing its closure)...? Ayo says a full liquor license is on the way." [Imbible]
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