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First Look: Brasserie Cognac

Last night Brasserie Cognac hosted a preview party so all manner of press people and besuited uptown folk could take a sneak peek of the place before the Monday opening. Chef Florian Hugo was on hand, little tarts and mini croque monsieurs were passed, and the drinks, along with the dressed up ladies and gents that were drinking them, were in abundance. Now, the furniture isn't in yet, but the pictures above give you a general idea of both the layout of the space and the crowd that may be dining here. Basically it's divided into six sections: a bar, a bakery, a room with a cheese station, and three distinct dining areas. And as was mentioned in the Times piece yesterday, the look is of a classic French brasserie, imitating but not exactly reaching the heights of Balthazar. Owned by the Serafina group, Cognac Brasserie's midtown location—right next to the Late Show—means it will be a definite hit with the out of towners looking for an Olive Garden alternative in Times Square, but we'll have to see if they can pull in the locals.
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