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On the Greatness of Ted Turner and Eco-Friendly Restaurants

Media mogul, philanthropist, environmentalist, restaurateur and ill-fated Captain Planet creator Ted Turner was an honored guest and panelist at "The Green Restaurant Revolution" event today sponsored by The New York State Restaurant Association and held at his Midtown restaurant, Ted's Montana Grill. Several prominent restaurateurs were in attendance to "discuss ways the restaurant industry can come together to improve eco-friendly business practices." Chef Terrance Brennan was there to ask Teddy about composting while other attendees brought up organic food, selling execs on green ideas, and the use of tablecloths and straws. The event allowed green hopefuls to hear advice from one of the richest and craziest restaurant owners in the city, but the biggest takeaways were the following choice Ted Turner quotes:

When asked about the availability of bamboo straws, he replied, "Why do you need a straw or a stir? I mix my drink with my finger. Or use your butter knife. You don't need them. It's like those goddamned wooden chopsticks!"
When referring to global warming: "I take little small breaths now, I don't take big breaths anymore."

"There's just too many people and too much junk to be wasteful."

"There's these guys buying whole airlines and turning them into private planes. One guy on a 400 passenger jet. At least I've got a more moderately-sized private jet."

On NY government and advice to Spitzer: "Watch who you hang out with. I don't know if what they were doing was green or not. Maybe he was using recyclable prophylactics."

When Ted, who says he drives a Prius, was asked if people in Hum Vees drive him crazy: "Well, I actually have a Hum Vee too. I only use it when I'm quail hunting out in the desert. You need it out there to run over cactus. It's like being in Iraq without the insurgents."

"If we live like a bunch of slobs, we don't deserve to live. We're going to get what we deserve, and it's coming quick."

—Adam Haas
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