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Opening Report Coda: Rusty Knot Soft Opens Tonight

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Urban Daddy has it that The Ken 'Spotted Pig' Friedman's new divey far West Village bar the Rusty Knot is opening to the public tomorrow with a soft opening tonight. We'd be suspicious (since no one else reported on this) if there weren't reports of a staff meeting earlier this week. Buckle in folks, here are the details:

"Ken Friedman (The Spotted Pig) with the all-star cast of Taavo Somer (Freeman's), Tobey Maloney (Milk & Honey) and a Momofuku alum. The result is a detail-rich, high-pedigree Manhattan cocktail spot colliding with a kitsched-out cruiseliner and an old-school tiki room...

Make your way to the bamboo-paneled bar—past the large, dingy fish tank and the trophy fish mounted above the pool table—and you'll find a bar dedicated to the lost art of rum. That means you'll get classic tiki drinks, served in a coconut or a plastic totem glass, but made with homemade might think about settling in for an ice-cold beer...nibbling on a few pigs-in-blankets, throwing back an oyster or two and watching the sun fade away over the Hudson."

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