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Pies 'n' Thighs Update: Layout Details Revealed

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As noted in the Times on Wednesday, Sarah Buck & co. finally signed the lease on the new Pies 'n' Thighs space on South Fourth and Driggs. They'll go before CB1 for real this time to get a beer and wine license next week (with that board it's in the bag), but here are some details on the new space.
· The space is divided into three parts: an inside dining room and kitchen, a backyard, and a covered garage, all of which will fit a combined 40-50 seats
· Indoor dining room: where the old bodega used to be, 600 square feet
· Back yard: Private but can be seen from the street, 100-150 square feet
· Garage: Can be used year round as a second dining room, 200 square feet
· Menu expansion: "We'll have the same menu but we might expand it a bit, add a couple of big dishes to share."
· Smoker: Rumor has it a smoker has been procured, but details are scarce on which kind. Developing.
· Opening Date: Buck says, "If everything goes super smooth it will be June but we'd be happy with July."

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Pies 'n' Thighs

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