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Capitalizing on Top Chef: 24 Prince & Mai House

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Sign at 24 Prince and an invite at Mai House, jumping on the TC bandwagon

Mai House and 24 Prince may not be the only restaurants shamelessly capitalizing on their cheftestants, but they certainly are some of the worst offenders in this city. While places like Le Cirque and Public seem to ignore their chefs' involvement with the show (Andrew and Mark hail from those restaurants), some others see the show as an opportunity to showcase an otherwise overlooked spot. 24 Prince's window sign, up a month before the show aired, announces Nikki's involvement in the show. The flier for the Mai House event, an 'exclusive invite from UrbanDaddy', invites you to try chef Spike's very own tasting menu. Is this a bad sign for the contenders, or just the restaurants? We'll find out soon enough.
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