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Adventures in Bar Design: Rusty Knot's New Mural

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The Knot's new 'dark and stormy' mural

At most bars and restaurants these days everything from the lighting fixtures to the stool upholstery to the bartender's mustache is chosen to fit an exact theme. At schmancy cocktail joints like Hotel Delamano the theme is classic 1920s (or perhaps it's Deadwood). At Merkato 55, the theme seems to be kitschy African dance club. And at the newly opened Rusty Knot, every detail from the wood paneled walls to the ship's wheel to the mismatched furniture, is meant to say homey 'nautical' dive bar. But, as far as owner Ken Friedman was concerned, the place wasn't truly finished, wasn't perfectly coherent, without this mural (above), installed over the weekend. Commissioned for the bar and painted by biker/artist Robert Garey, it features two babes, a tanker battleship, a harbor, and some ominous clouds—just the scene you want to gaze upon while ordering a Dark and Stormy or a can of Dale's.
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Rusty Knot

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