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Decline & Fall: Is It Over for Down By the Hipster?

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The magic of the internet, the simple fact that it takes 90 seconds to launch a blog, ensures that at any moment we have great reads like Down by the Hipster. Other such personal successes, from the past, include Augieland, circa 2006, and Hermitude NYC and ThisIs14thSt, from back in 2005. (Credit where it's due: Guest of a Guest is the new DBTH.) But because the Lord giveth and he taketh away, such blogs tend to fade, giving way to bloggers' day jobs, kids, or boredom. And it tends to happen right around the one-year marker.

DBTH, written and co-owned by Curbed alum Scott Solish (right), blazed itself into the blogsphere on Februrary 17, 2007, just over twelve months ago. Like the great indie blogs that came before, it was an instant mix of good intel, access and attitude. With very strong ties to the hotel biz—and also, somewhat randomly, to the nightclub Cain—DBTH has been a machine, and of late has upped its postcount. This week they even added a contributor, though she wasn't received so well by readers. Whereas a lot of blogs show signs of waning as they come up on the big oh-one, DBTH hasn't. An Evening at Rusty Knot, opening evening, at that, is real-deal content. Indeed, dude's still putting on a good show, going strong. But.

But, Solish isn't making money on DBTH, has a day job, and has begun to talk of such things as book deals and joint ventures. Plus, the presence of a new, way off-brand, contributor suggests he's getting tired of the grind. So, it's time to put it out there: Are Down By the Hipster's best days behind us?
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