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Ko-BOOM: Is Someone Attacking the Momo Server?

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We just had a chat with Drew Salmon, the Momofuku official who has been overseeing Ko reservation ops, to get his reactions to the shitshow in progress at Turns out that, get this, someone is actively trying to crash the site:

The word from the hosting/it provider is that the site is currently under a 'denial of service attack.' Of course we planned for the site to be busy and we tested the heck out of the application but—apparently—there are just some things that are very, very, difficult to guard against. Currently we are trying to identify the attacker(s) and bring the system back online. Even if we spent another “x” amount of dollars or used something like “opentable” the reality is if someone really wants to bring down a site then it will go down. It happens often. The bottom line from our end is that we are really sorry for the inconvenience. That someone has chosen to attack the site is unfortunate for a variety of different reasons.

For the non-techies, Drew explains that a DoS attack happens when one person writes a program to constantly refresh a website, ultimately overloading the server. We talked to our in-house tech honcho who noted it's difficult to tell if it was an attack or routine use, but he added this: "It wouldn't surprise me if someone wrote a script to do it, so yes, it's possible that someone did something abusive...It's all in how frequently you have it send that ping. If it's every 10 seconds, ok. If it's 1000 times a second, fuck you."
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