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Warning: Do Not Go to Klee Brasserie Tonight

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Because you have the right to know, what follows are the contents of a press release just sent to us from the restaurant Klee, promoting one of the worst ideas/marketing ploys we've seen in awhile. It begins ominously: "Leap Year has always been a crazy time..."

"...With traditional customs out the window, anything goes on the only day every four years when women are told they can propose to men. Of course, in many of today's cultures, it is okay for a woman to pop the question any time she wants, which is why Klee Brasserie (200 Ninth Ave., NYC, 212-633-8033) has found some creative new ways to flip tradition and get everyone into the Leap Year fun.

Starting today, February 29th, Klee will be offering its special Leap Year Menu – available until 2009, also known as a common year. The menu, like other Leap Year traditions, takes a whole new approach to your standard meal with a typical dessert served first, followed by inside-out pasta, a savory turnover and an upside-down ending.

And TONIGHT ONLY – on the actual Leap Day – Chef Daniel Angerer and his fiancée Lori will really be getting into the spirit when they swap places in the restaurant! Daniel, usually hard at work in the kitchen, will be the new face greeting customers that evening; while Lori, always running the front-of-the-house, will be donning her man’s chef hat for a night on the line. Come check out the wild results as the two run their restaurant from the other side of things, navigating their way around these four deliciously interesting course."

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