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EaterWire: Ko's Opening Date, Quattro in at Trump Soho, Irvine Update

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EAST VILLAGE—Dave Chang's Momofuku Ko, the object of food world fascination ever since it was a mere figment of Governor Chang's imagination is currently on track to open to the public on 3/12. Be warned now, however: the resy system here, at 163 First Avenue, is going to make getting into Per Se look like child's play. Chang Business Machines, Inc. is currently putting the finishing touches on their completely automated online system. Chang promises us that once friends and family ends, this will be the only means of getting a table at the 10 seat restaurant. Link tk. [EaterWire]

HUDSON SQUARE— Rumor has it Sobe's Quattro will be running the show at Trump Soho now that Laurent Tourndel is out of the picture. From the inbox: "The restaurant group from Miami that is taking over where BLT left off is Quatro, the Lincoln Road Cipriani Downtown clone. Simple and expensive Italian food and lots of wine. Belinis and proscuit as far as the eye can see. And models. They've been wanting to come to NY for a while, I hear. Not a done deal, but looking close." [EaterWire]

THE FOOD NETWORK UNIVERSE— It won't surprise anyone who's been following the Robert Irvine debacle to learn the FN finally gave him the boot. Per TMZ: "After it was discovered that Robert lied about his credentials -- including having designed Princess Diana's wedding cake -- Food Network honchos investigated the situation and today released a statement saying they 'have not renewed Robert's contract for future seasons' and 'will be looking for a replacement host.'" [TMZ]

Momofuku Ko

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