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EaterWire: Rumormongering at Little Owl, Chris Cosentino Dinner, Park Avenue Spring, Geisha Changes and More!

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WEST VILLAGE—For those of you who don't happen to read Joshua David Stein's personal blog, My Memoirs, he published an alarming rumor this morning that Little Owl and Market Table co-owner Gabe Stulman is out at both restaurants. Stulman gave us a straight up denial of the rumor, and partner Joey Campanaro, reached by phone, had this to say: "Every partnership has some issues. We had some disagreements that haven't been resolved yet. But as far as [that item], there's no truth to it right now." [My Memoir/EaterWire]

NOHO— We don't typically list events, but we're making an exception because San Fran's own Chris Cosentino (above) can really cook: next Tuesday at Astor Center "king of offal" Cosentino will be serving a $250 five course "Head to Tail" dinner hosted by Michael Ruhlman. Cosentino, Ruhlman. Get on it people. [EaterWire]

UPPER EAST SIDE— Hard to believe, but spring is just around the corner. And that means it's time for the fourth transformation for Park Avenue Winter. According to Zagat the magic will happen on March 26th: "As usual, the transformation will be reflected in chef Craig Koketsu's seasonal menu as well as in the decor, which will be redesigned by the talented folks at AvroKO." [Zagat]

UPPER EAST SIDE— UES Asian restaurant Geisha has made some changes in the kitchen. Per their press release: "After 4 years as Executive Chef at Geisha, Michael Vernon has left to further pursue a career in seafood...Chef Richard Lee, who joined Geisha with Michael Vernon in September 2003, will now assume the position of Executive chef. ...Lee’s first job was cooking with Rocco Dispirto." [EaterWire]

EAST VILLAGE— The St. Mark's Pinkberry is getting closer to opening, and from the looks of the graffiti, the angsty punk demographic is none too happy about it. [DBTH]

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