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Resy Contest Aftermath: The Beguiling Batali's Babbo

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Last night, we gave away a last minute 8:15 at Babbo to a lucky someone who best used the words "beguile" and "Batali" together. Though a number of you Batali-lovers rightfully wanted and deserved it, only one person got to dine on those sweet, sweet beef cheeks. Because of the small window of opportunity here, the winning submission won based on creativity and, mostly, speed: "Barring bloopers Batali beguiles and bewilders with bucatini and booze."

The rest of the entries ran the gamut in quality, expended effort, and level of creepiness. Some of our faves:

· The haiku: "Batali bemoans, / beguiles, berates bloggers; but / Babbo's no bargain!"

· "Bulky Batali beguiles bourgeois brahmins with bombastic bacchanals."

· "His freckles glinting in the hard Tuscan sunlight, Batali glared at at the lamb, finally uttering the words he'd never before had the courage to say aloud: 'Why, WHY must your supple tongue beguile me so?'"

· "i was beguiled by batalis crocs. Those things look like safety shoes for retarded people."

· "If I were going to choose a character to play against Mario Batali in Street Fighter, I'd be Guile."

· "Mario Batali never fails to beguile with his Tuscan-infused recipes."

· The fare at Babbo may make connoisseurs swoon, but Batali knows how to beguile the uncommon epicure with loud blasts of rock music.

· A surprise opening at Babbo is enough to beguile even the most skeptical of Batali-worshipers.

· I'm spellbound, but Batali divides, and the hills are alive with a cry to beguile!

· "I would give my left shoe (and I really like the ones I’m wearing today) to beguile the night away at Mario Batali’s magnum opus, wherein I’d be certain to delight in any number of mouth-watering morsels."

· "The taste of Batali's black spaghetti lingering on my lips, my beguiling companion cradles my cheek in his hand and leans in for a savory kiss."

· "Batali's brain begets breathtaking banquets that beguile other bottle washers with their brilliance."

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