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EaterWire AM Edition: BLT Booted from Trump Soho?

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HUDSON SQUARE—On the Cutlets Blog, there was a report yesterday that had Laurent Tourondel, of BLT Steak/Prime/Market/Burger/Vegas/White Plains/Mars fame, installing a branch of his empire in Trump Soho, now being constructed on Spring and Varick. But that may not be entirely accurate. Some people we know, who know some other people, tell us that the BLT-Trump Soho relationship is on the rocks and that The Donald is going to exercise an out clause in his contract. Seems BLT Trump ain't happening. And here's some bonus fodder coming at ya: Now the Trumpster and Co. are in discussions with an upscale Miami outfit, known as something of a Cipriani clone. More tk. [EaterWire]

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