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EaterWire AM Edition: Perry St to Offer Room Service, Pantry Stocking

WEST VILLAGE—Seems like special access to a local restaurant is the newest hot amenity for new developments. First Centrovini brokered a deal with nearby building Soho Mews, offering special deliveries, VIP resys, and appearances by chef Patti Jackson. And now Jean-Georges himself is offering to harness to powers of Perry St for the new Asymptote-designed development 166 Perry St, going up down the block. From the press release: "The 166 Perry Street alliance will include room service to residents of the new building...Vongerichten will also offer residents of 166 Perry Street individually customized catering and related services for private parties at home, including his own presence as chef upon request; VIP bookings at Perry St; and regular pantry stocking service via an extensive list developed personally by Vongerichten and his senior staff. [166 Perry St. Press Release (pdf)]

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