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In the Plattmeister's stead the Underground Gourmet files a twofer this week, granting two of five stars to Williamsburg's Miranda and one of five to the East Village's Matilda. Both serve Latino Italian fusion, but Miranda does it better: "There’s a belief among the city’s jaded restaurant cognoscenti that appetizers rule, that’s it’s all downhill after the first course...It’s the opposite at Miranda, where things get better as the meal progresses, and it pays to pace yourself in order to fully appreciate entrées..." For its part Matilda offers a mixed bag: "Some experiments work better than others. Plump potato gnocchetti take surprisingly well to their cilantro-spiked pesto..but tomato-and-basil-sauced chilaquiles alla toscana only made us long for the real thing." [NYM]

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