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Cha-Chum! Construction at Chumley's Underway

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FDNY, Contractors, Crew at a pre-construction meeting, just inside Chumley's. Timestamp: Monday, February 25th, 9:49 AM

On Friday Lost City had a little chat with Steve Shlopak, owner of the once doomed West Village staple Chumley's, and was told the place is now set to open in May—and that repairs and restoration work was beginning as soon as today. Shlopak, bless his heart, has made projections like this before, so we had our people in the West Village secure us the confirm this AM via site inspection. Lo, as the photos above and below taken earlier this morning show, there are indeed rumblings at Chumley's. Workers are on site. Construction is beginning. Set your calendars to T-minus ninety days. Barring complications, late May/early June it shall be.


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