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Eater Inside: Sakae Sushi

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Femia, 2/18/08

To end a week heavy on the Eater Insides, take a gander at this Freaky Friday edition, featuring Sakae Sushi, the month-old satellite of the Singapore kaitan sushi chain. Sakae isn't the first of its conveyor belt ilk to open in the city, but early buzz and reports of a 97 ft belt stirred up the initial interest. Sad stories on Yelp tell of sushi lovers casing the joint day after day waiting for it to open.

But, now that the gears are turning, what are we seeing here? Two conveyor belts move around the room to the kitchen, every table has a computer with an interactive menu and a green tea tap, and plates are color coded according to price. It all adds up to a kitschy, futuristic Midtown-appropriate space where if desired one could have little to no contact with actual humans. Luckily, its Chrysler building location pretty much guarantees an early steady flow of lunch business.

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