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CB2 Has Their Way with Chris Eddy, Rejects Liquor License

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Floor plans for the new space, submitted last month

Last we heard from 19 Kenmare, Nolita restaurateur Chris Eddy was appealing to the community to accept him and his vision to turn the ex-Forty Deuce space into a Japanese restaurant and a noodle bar with Omido chef Eiji Takase. The space will be divided into an 80 seat restaurant on one side and a 40 seat cafe and noodle bar on the other. Though Eddy has been campaigning all month to get the people behind him on this one, the full community board served up a conditional rejection of his liquor license application last night. As usual neighborhood crazies were out in droves calling Eddy dishonest and deceitful, citing quality of life issues, and saying the project is too similar to Forty Deuce. But Eddy still has a chance to get approval before going to the SLA, and by the sound of his speech at the public session—where he made the point that a sushi restaurant will be quieter than a lot of other possibilities out there—he's really trying here. To see what he's up against, we've got a sample of some of CB2's conditions.

· ...the applicant states the house of operation for the Restaurant are 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Sunday - Thursday and 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 Friday - Saturday and for the Cafe are 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m...there will not be a sidewalk cafe application nor a backyard garden; music will be background only
· ...the applicant has reached out to local residents including but not limited to the newly formed Nolita Residents Association to establish support from the community
· ...the applicant has agreed to continue his involvement with non-profit organizations geared towards youth in the neighborhood
· ...the applicant has agreed to submit new plans and null and void alteration plans and permits submitted associated with the previous applicant, Forty Deuce
· ...the applicant has agreed to have all windows sealed, double paned, and closed at all times during operating hours
· ...the applicant has agreed to only use the basement for storage, coat check, and restrooms
· ...the applicant has agreed to community outreach, including but not limited to monthly meetings (6 months following its opening) with neighboring residents, and providing the community with the contact number of the GM
· ...the applicant has agreed to reappear before the committee with any changes whatsoever to the floor plan and/or corporate changes.

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