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SobeWire: Shake Shack Dethroned, Radius Takes Top Honors at Burger Bash

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At last night's Burger Bash in South Beach, the most important event of the weekend for the top burger makers in the country, Radius, of Boston, took the title, beating out such places you may have heard of as The Burger Joint and Shake Shack. Interestingly, since this was a beach burger competition, the winning burger was a thick restaurant style patty, flavored with some horseradish and crispy onions and served on a brioche bun. Things we saw last night included ballot box stuffing at the Burger Joint, Tim Love dancing to the song "Love Shack" and Laurent Tourondel, BLT empire king, actually working his burger station.

Some additional color, if you'll indulge us. Firstly, the Shake Shack didn't come to play. In Madison Square park, the Shack Burger, when on, is a dirty mess of goodness, but controlled. Flavors are vibrant, pop. Here, not so much. Although points have to be awarded for the free Shack visor giveaways, the Shack team simply did not bring the game needed to threepeat. Now, as for the burgers that were in contention, we walked the tents with a couple of burger experts and they said the best in the house were from BLT and Radius. Radius's is described above and BLT went with a pretty standard all-American burger. Quite tasty, yes, but did have some integrity issues, as the thing completely came undone on bite two. But, per the experts, those two were the only ones in the house to use a chuck loosely packed enough for optimal flavor preserving.

Other burgers worth noting include the Burger Joint's classic, which, for us, tasted every bit as good as it does in NY; Tim Love's Love Shack burger, a classic, beach style bacon cheeseburger; and a burger from the Ritz-Carlton in South Beach. The Ritz burger was fancy—gruyere "fondue", pretzel burger with fried spiced shallots—but mostly worked. And now back to the meat sweats.

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