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The Shutter: Hunters, Rene Pujol, and Kin Khao

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At the end of a shuttery week, we have a round up of some of the stragglers who are no more. We are here for you if you know of any more.

1) Upper East Side: We received two tips about this one so it must be true. The most colorful piece in the inbox, subject 'Hunters Closed After 30 Years!!!' says this: "The UES staple of good food and conviviality plus the roaring fireplace was shut down Valentines night with zero notice to the long standing staff and hard working chef. These employees, the manager was there 15 years and the kitchen staff are not only out of work but out of money to further line the gold laden pockets of Mr DOUBLE Crossfield...I hope his investment is plagued with disaster after disaster..." [Shutter Inbox]

2) Midtown West: The shuttering of Rene Pujol, another popular one, has been widely covered in the blogs. Again, an excerpt from our most compelling tip: "Rene Pujol (51st bet. 8th/9th), one of the old-school French restaurants that, like many others of its ilk, struggled to find its place in this age of knives-hanging-from-the-ceiling restaurants, has closed. I am representing the restaurant's current ownership to sell the lease. It has 12 yrs remaining and is a significantly below market rent. Bring on the swords!" [Shutter Inbox]

3) Soho: On the answering machine of Soho thai restaurant Kin Khao: "After 16 years Kin Khao has lost its lease...our kitchen staff, and our entire floor staff will be relocating to Kelly and Ping on 127 Greene St." [Shutter Inbox]

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