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DICEY: Hepatitis A Scare at Socialista

According to news reports, one of the bar tenders at exclusive West Village restaurant and bar Socialista has come down with the very contagious, though for the most part non-fatal, disease Hepatitis A. Health department officials are offering free vaccinations to anyone who visited the place after 8pm on February 7th & 8th and after 10pm on the 11th. The Newsday article explains how you'd get it: "The hepatitis A virus is found in fecal matter. If someone with the disease doesn't wash his or her hands properly and handles food or drinks, the virus can be spread. Hepatitis A is rarely fatal. Most people recover within a few weeks." The real question: how did this "Hep A" dude get past the doorman?
· NY Health Department Offers Hepatitis A Shots to Bar Patrons [Newsday]

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