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Ed's Expanding to Avalon Bowery?

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If the mere fact that Ed's Lobster Bar was expanding wasn't enough, here's a piece of follow-up intel—Ed is eyeing the Avalon Bowery building. The Soho seafood spot owned by a Pearl's Oyster Bar alum Ed McFarland (right) may be moving into the very same building that holds the uncertain future of that small time pierogi maker Veselka. From the inbox:

"I'm pretty sure Ed's Lobster Bar is expanding in a new space in the Avalon Chrystie-Bowery-Whatever complex. I'm an artisan chocolatier shopping around for a space from which to launch my business, and I met with the brokers this morning. Both Veselka and Ed's Lobster are on their current plan."
Perhaps Ed's will have better luck with the community board than Veselka, who had their first attempt outright denied due to the proximity of other venues (including one DBGB). However, since Ed's is closed through the 25th, any official word will have to wait.
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