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Veselka Bowery Denied Liquor License, Cockblocked by Boulud

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Might Veselka Bowery be no more?

The Momofuku gang weren't the only ones seeking a full liquor license yesterday from the good ship Community Board 3. Veselka's new Avalon building spinoff needed approval as well, and while the Ko will eventually get their prize, situation looks much bleaker for team Ukraine and its rep Tom Birchard. In fact, they may just jump ship. From our correspondent at last night's meeting:

"After forty-one minutes, two failed motions and a whole lotta arguing, the new eatery was ultimately denied a license due to the proximity of the new liquored up Boulud restaurant and eight nearby bars. When one supportive board member suggested the restaurant owner aim to acquire a beer & wine license instead, an exasperated Birchard revealed that his lease has an escape clause allowing him to get out of his deal with Avalon Bay if he cannot procure a full liquor license. Since that seems unlikely at this point, Veselka Bowery may be in a state of limbo."
Limbo, indeed. Bad news: No Veselka Burgers on the Bowery. Consolation prize: $25 Boulud Burgers all around.
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— Reporting from Jonah Moulin


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