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BREAKING: Long Troubled Vesuvio Bakery For Sale

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Soho: It has been a long feared possibility that Vesuvio Bakery—the 90 year-old Prince Street staple that closed "for renovations" back in July—would never reopen. And we're sad to be the ones to say that is probably the case. Check it, from Craigslist:

"Great Bakery - cafe or retail shop
$5,500 per month
400 sq ft, plus 1,000 sf basement
two 400 sf coal bread ovens vented through chimneys
$140k key money"
Now, there is the small chance that no one will snatch this up and team Vesuvio will reopen. But in all reality, she's dunzo. Pay your respects, sign the graffitied note to customers: it's time to move on.
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