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Florent Body Snatcher R & L Reopening this Week

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Meatpacking District: We thought this day would never come. R&L Restaurant—the operation that opened in the dearly departed Florent space just days after the icon closed, only to be shuttered by the Department of Health for months—is set to reopen as soon as this Wednesday, but "definitely this week," according to a worker at the restaurant. Careful followers of the story will remember that the city turned off Florent's gas weeks before the shutter, and when the DOH came to inspect R&L, they found they were using their own butane tanks, the cause for the four month shutter. Since then, the worker tells us, they've simply been waiting on the gas company to come and get the building going again, stating "The gas company does inspections when they feel like doing inspections."

They finally got their hook up last Monday, received approval from the DOH last Friday, and are now focusing on getting the food ready for the opening. They'll start with breakfast, lunch and dinner (opening at 7 a.m.) and will eventually move to staying open 24 hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We have a feeling this saga isn't over, so we'll be keeping an eye on how she does during her re-debut.
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