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Eater Giveaways: The Night with Sixpoint/Baked Winner

On Friday, we announced we would give away two tickets to a lecture/tasting with Red Hook's Sixpoint and Baked to the reader who could come up with the best name for a hypothetical Sixpoint beer. Sixpoint brewer Shane Welch looked them all over and has chosen the winner (drum roll please): Barley & Me. The rest of the submissions, both inspired and cringe worthy (and almost entirely recession-themed), ahead. And stay tuned for more giveaways throughout the day.

Note there's a bit of a theme here:

· Recession Obsession
· Poor Banker's Ale
· Hopalong Cask-ity
· Captain Ahab's Whale of an Ale
· R&R (Recession Recovery) Ale
· Bailout Ale
· B61 Bock
· Ale-ing Economy
· Boogie Down Bock
· McChuggin
· Recession Lager
· Steve is the Coolest Ale
· Brooklyn Bock
· A summer fig beer called Gettin' Figgy With It
· Hop To It
· Hoppy Hooker
· The Audacity of Hops
· Afternoon Delight
· India Pale Bail-out
· Twi-Bud-light
· Stephen Coldbeer
· 'e licks 'er
· Barley and Me
· Jacob Barley: A Ghost of Christmalt Past
· 10 Lords a Yeasting
· Deep Financial Ruin Amber Ale, or DFRAA for short.
· bALE Out
· Harvey Wine Stein
· McAle's Navy
· Rhymenoceros Rye or Hop Diggity
· Honey Bop Double Hop

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