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2008_12_fb_freemans.jpgFreemans now has a Facebook page all its own, as owner William Tigertt informs us this afternoon. Better known as wdt in these parts, dude adds: "I finally made a page for Freemans. Please link to it, it's lonely here all by myself." Speaking of, check out all restaurants on Facebook or all bars, too. Fun facts here include 1) With 23K+ fans, Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man is the most popular local restaurant on Facebook. Lest that alone shock you, consider the matter of 2) With just under 10K fans, Pacha NYC is the top local club. Since both Max Brenner and Pacha fall under the category of Really, That Shitbox?, perhaps this has been an instructive 90 seconds. [EaterWire]


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