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Eater Giveaways: Lovee Long Time Most Ridiculously-Named Cocktail

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On Friday, we announced we would give away two tickets to an Astor Center class, "Home Bar Basics", taught by the team behind PDT. The challenge: find the most ridiculously named cocktail currently being served in New York. We sent all of submitted entries to PDT's John Deragon, and the winner and city's most ridiculous cocktail is...Lovee Long Time, currently being served at Macao Trading Co. (If we had a second place prize, it would have gone to Who's Da Man-Go, served at Vynl.) To read the full list of other awful contenders click through. And if you didn't win, you still have a chance at the Thomas Keller cookbook and the trip for two to South Beach.

· Check out my Watermelons, Porky's NYC
· The Black Spaniard, P*ong
· Ass Juice, Double Down Saloon
· Kinky Akiko, Tropical 128
· Black Sea Jellyfish, Keybar
· Bloody Angle, Apotheke
· Monkey Gland and Pink My Berries, Le Lupanar
· Pink Pamplemoose, Beacon Restaurant
· Honey Sling, the Royalton's Bar 44
· Gamma Ray, 5 Ninth
· Pearis Hilton, Dolly Knocker, Malibu Beach Blanked Bingo, Who's da Man-go, Vynl
· "Hooker Juice", Hook & Ladder
· Fish House Punch, Milk & Honey
· Oral Fixation, Size Queen, Anorexic, Freudian SIP at Therapy
· Lovee long time, Macao Trading Co
· And Quiet Flows the Dawn, Temple Bar
· Eater Gift Giveaway EXTRAVAGANZA: Astor Center's "Home Bar Basics" with PDT

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